A Professional Wall & Ceiling Texture & Popcorn Removal Service

At RND Textures, Inc. we make it our primary goal to ensure customer service, and satisfaction comes first. We are a licensed and insured team of professionals that provides a flawless finish with the latest and greatest in application equipment technologies.

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Knockdown Texture

Essentially the same composition as joint compound, Knockdown is a thinned-out formula sprayed in a consistent and uniform pattern, then smoothed or sanded flat. Knockdown is very useful in masking imperfections in walls and ceilings while providing a modern and sweeping look. After applying knockdown texturing, the compound must then be sealed and painted as it only covers about 75 percent of the drywall surface with the finalized painting covering up any of the uncovered background.

Popcorn Removal

Popcorn ceiling removal is a commonly requested service from RND in any home improvement project. Popular in home construction throughout the 1970’s and 80’s, popcorn ceilings are a very outdated texture in home design today. The crumbly surface of the popcorn texture is a breeding ground for dust mites and spiders, while additionally being difficult to clean and easily chipped.

Depending on the heights, condition, and overall square footage of your popcorn ceilings, RND can generally remove the texture within a day while adding a more desirable surface to the ceilings in your home.

Drywall Services

RND specializes in a variety of drywall repair services ranging from an entire drywall remodeling to smaller, less intensive drywall repairs. Our crew can professionally install drywall in your home so that what was once old or damaged looks like new once again.

A majority of drywall repairs can be completed within a day. We take every step possible in ensuring surrounding areas and furnishings are protected from any mess. The professional team at RND will cut and remove bad drywall, and inspect inner framings to ensure that no additional damage is present. Once this inspection is completed we then install the new drywall taping and beading joints with a quick drying compound to ensure a uniform look and a fast drying time.

Smooth Finish Texturing

A smooth finish is applied by first spraying a compound to cover walls and then troweled or sanded. The finish provides a totally flat, uniform look and feel to ceilings and walls. Smooth texturing is an elegant and beautiful surface but is generally more expensive due to increased labor and time to complete.